Five Highlights from the 2020 Global OpEx Trends Annual Report

Four years after our first Global OpEx Trends Report, we explore how leading businesses are taking advantage of Operational Excellence to set them apart from the competition. We reached out to leaders in industries as diverse as manufacturing, energy, technology, professional services and governmental agencies for their insights.

2020 Global OpEx Trends Report

Trends With the Greatest Impact

We've uncovered the most significant OpEx insights for the year ahead. Take a look at five highlights pulled directly from our 2020 Global OpEx Trends Annual Report.


covid-19 effects

An Early Look

Data from this report was captured during the beginning of the pandemic providing insight to early effects COVID-19 had on improvement strategies.


trend trackers

Track OpEx Patterns With Ease

In this new report feature, Trend Trackers analyzes survey data from 2017-2020 so you can see which OpEx initiatives are here to stay or quick to be replaced.

Trend Tracker


challenges and Roadblocks

Resistance to Change is #1 Challenge

Our survey has consistently reported that resistance to change, not sustaining improvements or lack of resources are major obstacles to OpEx transformation. 


transformation strategies

Top 3 Drivers to Improve Operations

This year, respondents said increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings were their biggest drivers behind their OpEx efforts.


profiles in opex

Learn from Industry Thought Leaders

These profiles feature real-world insights and best practices on utilizing Operational Excellence from industry professionals.

Download the report to find out where trends are heading.

2020 Global OpEx Trends Annual Report

2020 Global OpEx Trends Report

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