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Designing Value Stream Flow Through Shared Equipment

Read this 15 page step-by-step guide to learn tactical techniques to create autonomous flow through shared resources.

If shared equipment is causing ...

  • frequent re-prioritization
  • costly change overs
  • the need for individual schedules for each process
  • a "parts chase" all over the factory floor

Download our 15-page template to learn ...

  • The importance of incorporating shared resources into the overall value stream.
  • 6 key questions (and answers) for creating flow through shared resources.
  • Steps to enable processes, not people, to tell employees what to work on next without schedules, prioritization or expedites.
  • How self-healing value streams stop management from killing flow.
Liz Duggan

Liz Duggan, Director of Marketing, Institute for Operational Excellence

"Factories with equipment that produces parts for multiple product families can pose very real challenges to flow. But this white paper arms readers with tactical techniques they can use to not only connect shared resources but incorporate them into the flow. The result is a guaranteed turnaround time for when a part given to the shared resource will be processed, yielding improved predictability for the operation and its customers.

Download this guide and find out how to turn the complexity of these challenging processes into an asset.

Get the template that will show you EXACTLY how to connect shared resources and incorporate them into the flow.

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