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OpEx White Papers

Focused, in-depth information on a variety of topics relating to Operational Excellence.

2018 Global OpEx Trends Report

2018 Global OpEx Trends Report

Benchmark your Operational Excellence efforts against other pioneers worldwide and find out how to take your program further.

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free white paper

Designing for Operational Excellence in the Office

Copy/paste these techniques to design your office for predictable workflow so that service is always delivered on time.


10 questions

10 Questions to Answer Before Designing Mixed Model Value Streams

Learn the ten guidelines to generate a future state map for mixed model flow that will reduce inventory, increase on-time delivery, reduce lead times and increase market share.


3 Steps to Prepare an Organization for Operational Excellence

Free 3-step execution plan to help you launch a successful OpEx Implementation.

opex culture, business growth

designing value stream flow white paper

Designing Value Stream Flow Through Shared Equipment

A 15-page detailed guide to transform your manufacturing operation and achieve Operational Excellence with strategies for connecting shared resources and incorporating them into the flow.


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Looking for High Impact, In-Person OpEx Training for You or Your Entire Team?

The Institute for Operational Excellence offers the most intensive, actionable Operational Excellence training. Spend a few focused days with our expert instructors and leave with a blueprint for business growth in your manufacturing and office operations. 

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